Friday, 13 January 2017

What next after learning Python ?

Learning  a new programming language is like getting a new powerful Motorcycle. You have that shiny new machine which is a work of art and is powerful like a beast. What you do with it? You ride it for a couple of days at neck break speed tackle on a few twisties seek attention of a few people my twisting the hell out of the throttle and then after a few days you just keep it in your garage where it sits idle for a couple of months or years till the time when you again get in the mood to take your old love for a whirl. Well, I don’t do that with my motorcycle or my programming skills and I would suggest that you don’t do it either. Programming is a lot like acquiring a new motorcycle skill, the more you use it responsibly the more mastery you get in it.
Many time I see people learning a programing language and then just keep it in their mind vault for months or years without using it sometimes it’s out of being clueless as to where to implement the newfound skills and at times it’s due to pure laziness. If it’s out of the latter then I can’t help you but if it’s because you are clueless as to how to use it then I am here to take your hand and show you the way or at least suggest you some.
  • The only mantra is to Learn more and keep exploring more.
  • Create a blog and share with others what you have learned so that people can learn from you and you can learn from them.
  • Implement your knowledge into some practical project on a personal or professional workspace. I am a software test engineer by profession and I have actually implemented my python knowledge to create a framework which helped us to reduce our testing effort by almost 50%. While doing that I learned more as I faced challenges and as I progressed towards resolving those challenges. You may also create a blog or website and put your knowledge to public so that you can actually contribute to the community from which you have acquired the knowledge.
  • I run a blog Thecodingproject where I regularly post topics/articles related to python and by doing this I actually learn something new every time since I have to research a topic myself before creating an article and posting it in my blog.
That’s about it all the more you use your skills the more you will enhance it and while you are on your journey to sharpen your new Jedi force you also give some back to the community from which you acquired the skill in the first place.

SO, folks this was all for this week but more stuffs are coming your way next week, til then happy coding.

If you wanna get started in learning Python then why not get started with the python basics chapter. Check out this link to access the Python Basic Chapter for free. If you want to download a copy of the chapter then purchase the chapter by clicking on the following link.

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