Friday, 4 August 2017

Where are the new Python Blogs?

Hello friends I welcome you back after a long long time. It's been nearly 3 weeks since I have posted any blog post here or any new tutorial videos on my youtube channel. Recently I have been involved in many of my pet projects. One of them being studying machine learning, I am a geek at heart and I love to learn new tech things and machine learning is one that ha got me hooked and this is the reason I am spending most of my time studying ML. Meanwhile I am also trying to learn and android development and trying to build an app on my own which is again a totally new field for me and it's taking up a very large chunk of my time not to mention my full time job.

Then there's my youtube channel for which I am trying to develop the best content for you guys and doing this involves a long planning, building the content, editing the videos etc. and this take a lot of time as I am able to devote 30 mins daily at the best to my youtube content creation and that explains the very long gap at which I post blogs or videos.

Oh, there is another thing . I have kind of outgrown blogger in terms of creative freedom so I am also trying to put together a website for you all (like minded geeks like me). This again takes lots of learning as I am not from a coding background and whatever time I am left with after devoting to the above mentioned projects/full time job etc. I use to learn the skills of the trade and put together my website. So in short I want to say that do stay along with me for a while as I haven't disappeared completely, I will be back soon enough.

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